Karin Peter

Karin PeterEducation

  • MA Philosophy, Political Science, History
  • Banker Deutsche Bank AG



  • German, English, French, Russian, Latin – all fluent


Professional Experience

  • Development and Deputy Director of the representative office of the Deutsche Bank AG / Moscow
  • 10 years Head of Sales Commercial Vehicles Russia and Eastern Europe Daimler-Benz AG
  • Head of Sponsoring & PR & Motorsport Daimler – Benz AG
  • Since 2003 Executive Search Consultant



Alexandra Schütz

Senior Research Consultant & Project Manager

Alexandra SchützEducation

  • Specialist in personnel recruitment
  • Qualified as a foreign secretary
  • Translator for Business English
  • Studied History and Englisch



  • German, Englisch, French, Latin


Professional Experience

  • Seven years professional experience as an assistant and in the organization and coordination of an office
  • Worked over three years in an international automotive group
  • one year organizational experience in a management consultancy, specialized in the field of education
  • since 2013 Research Consultant