Drawing on a pool of long years of personal experience in executive positions in large companies, we see a project through the eyes of the client, taking the corporate culture, in particular, but also the team into consideration when selecting candidates. We know procedures and decision-making processes in businesses and can tailor our services to each individual client.

Thanks to long years of experience, mainly in the Eastern European, in particular Russian, and Central Asian markets, we have full command of the national languages, in-depth knowledge of the markets and their specific characteristics, and a thorough understanding of the mentality.


As Executive Search Partner, we are committed to implementing projects with the highest level of professionalism and quality for both our clients and our candidates. We exercise great care and make use of all of our resources and competencies within a tight timeframe in the realisation of each and every project. 


In the process of cooperating with our clients and candidates, we obtain knowledge of confidential information. We are conscious of this responsibility and set high standards of confidentiality and integrity. We are committed to strict ethical guidelines and values.


Our goal is to build a long-term partnership with our clients. As such, it is imperative for us to provide the best possible, comprehensive advice for each and every mandate.


We see ourselves as a professional, experienced team of consultants that tailors our range of services to the individual needs of each client. Consistent client orientation, commitment, and a strong specialisation in the industry and demanding markets rounds out our profile. We see difficult projects as exciting challenges and take them on gladly.